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Heritage Building Relocations

Our rich history has carved a niche as one of Eastern Canada’s premier heritage building moving specialists. Heritage moves allow for buildings of high significance and beauty to be maintained and repurposed for modern use. It ensures these buildings may be utilized and enjoyed for generations to come!

Building Lifting / Raising

Unable to enjoy your home or cottage due to foundation issues? Building raising is the perfect solution to replace a damaged foundation, create additional living space, or prevent future floods. We have building raising down to a science!  

Level, Support & Repair

No more slanted floors and jammed doors! Our team makes quick work of releveling and repairs. Whether it’s for a quick shimming or a complete reconstruction of supporting precast piers we do it all.  


We provide comprehensive consultation services to address some of the more unique buildings. We collaborate directly with architect and engineering firms to produce feasibility studies and custom-tailored relocation plans. Pre-existing buildings are unique constructions with unique features that require a unique approach to lifting.

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